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[Mysterious Death]: Annaliese Michel

Annaliese’s exorcism is one of the most well-documented cases in the world. Throughout the episode, we talk about the facts surrounding what happened to Annaliese and try to determine whether she was failed by those closest to her, or if she was truly possessed by demons.

[Sex Crimes]: Mary Kay

For our very first episode, I chose to present the infamous case of Mary Kay Letourneau (formerly Mary Kay Schmitz). This case was one of the very first sensationalized child rape cases of the early 90s. It is a case full of surprising facts, and we dive into all the different aspects of this story, offering our hot takes along the way.


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Vili & Mary Kay

© Mark Greenberg/Mary Kay Letourneau

Want more of this case?

Besides the sources directly used for this episode (listed below), here is a list of further reading/watching for this case.

If Loving You Is Wrong: The Shocking True Story of Mary Kay Letourneau by Gregg Olsen

Mary Kay Letourneau: Autobiography by A&E