[Special Episode] Cult or Obscure Music Group?

The Railway Children

Originally signed by Virgin Records, this music group put out a successful song called “Every Beat of the Heart” but were later dropped by their label.

The Ant Hill Kids

A Canadian doomsday cult founded by Roch Theriault. Roch was arrested and convicted of torture, sexual assault and murder in 1989, after one of the women from his cult escaped and went to authorities, effectively dissolving the cult.

The Moonies

A cult founded in the late 50s/early 60s by Sun Myoung Moon who famously supported Nixon through the Watergate Scandal. They were even publicly thanked by Nixon for their efforts.

Leopard Society

The oldest of the Cross River Secret Societies, this all-male cult often dressed in leopard skin, and in the early to mid-20th century, practiced cannibalism.

The Wooden Tops

A band named after a 1950s puppet. They wrote a bunch of songs but never really took off.

Fellowship of Friends

Founded by Robert Earl Burton in 1970, this cult was the owner of the Renaissance Vineyard and Winery from 1982-2015.

Apostles of Infinite Love

This is an active cult/religious movement who distanced themselves from controversies of the 1970s when they were sued for sexual abuse, rape and extortion.

Spear of Destiny

A music group founded by Kirk Brandon. Their most famous song was “Never Take Me Alive.”

Pale Saints

A music group who topped the indy charts in 1989 with their EP “Barging into the Presence of God.”

Mankind United

A cult founded by Arthur Bell during the great depression, Mankind United believed that the world was controlled and manipulated by a conspiracy of hidden rulers and money charges.

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